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Dragon Lore L.A.R.P

Below is the Dragon Lore LARP Character Generator. This will simplify the process of creating your LARP character  Have fun and don't be worried you can not break it Just follow the simple steps and if you have any questions please email us.






Step 1 - Enter your Details

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Your Name ?
Character's Name

Step 2 - Select the race of your Character

Depending on your selection of your race This will determine the Amount of Character Points and Hit points you have

If your chosen race is not listed here please email the character refs

Character Points   
Hit Points Increase Hit Points
You can increase you hit points above.






Step 3 - Select if any your Armour and Shield type.
You do not have to spend any Character Points on these but it does increase your Hit Points Armour can be stacked to increase damage resistance. Yet this must be visually represented. This stacking will only be present where there is actual stacking.  If you are wishing to stack hard leather over soft leather then you must take both fur and leather.

Must be Bought In ORDER
Must Be Bought In ORDER
Remaining Character Points
Fur 4 CP Wooden 4 CP
Leather 4 CP Metal 4 CP  
Metal 4 CP        


Step 4 Select which spells you would like your character to have
You can purchase each spell up to 3 times

Spell X1 X2 X3 Cost Spell X1 X2 X3 Cost
Knockback 1 CP Strike Down 3 CP
Tangle 3 CP Detect Magic 1 CP
Fear 2 CP Wound 3 CP
Regenerate Limb 10 CP Location Heal 3 CP
Full Heal 8 CP Cure 5 CP


Step 5 Select the skills your character has gained.
You can purchase each kill up to 3 times

Remaining Character Points    
Skill X1 X2 X3 Cost
Disarm       4 CP
Parry      2 CP
Knockback    2 CP
Critical Hit 5 CP
Subdue 2 CP


Step 6, Select which abilities your character has

Character Points Remaining -
Speak Languages
You do not need to select the speak language of the race that you have chosen
  Cost   Read & Write Languages
        R & W Common 2 CP
Speak Elvin 2 CP   R & W Elvin 2 CP
Speak Orsimer 2 CP   R & W Orsimer 2 CP
Speak Drull 2 CP   R & W Drull 2 CP
Speak Dwarven 2 CP   R & W Dwarven 2 CP
Speak Draconian 2 CP   R & W Draconian 2 CP
Binding Wounds 2 CP   Numerate 2 CP
Gather Herbs 2 CP        

Step 7, Select the trade skills that your character has

Each Rank costs 4 Character points and has to be taken in rank order

Trade Skills               Total Character Points Remaining -
 Smithing - Must Be Taken In rank Order
- Rank 1 Fur, Leather Armour, Non Metal Weapons & Wooden Shields
- Rank 2 Metal Armour, Metal Weapons & Metal Shields
- Rank 3 Magical and unique material Armour, Weapons and Shields
Potion Making - Must Be Taken In rank Order
- Rank 1 - Novice potion Maker
- Rank 2 - Experienced Potion Maker
- Rank 3 - Mater Potion Maker
Poison Making - Must Be Taken In Rank Order
- Rank 1 - Novice poison Maker
- Rank 2 - Experienced poison Maker
- Rank 3 - Mater poison Maker
Enchantment - Must Be Taken In Rank Order
- Rank 1 - Novice Enchanter
- Rank 2 - Experienced Enchanter
- Rank 3 - Mater Enchanter
Woading - Must Be Taken In Rank Order
- Rank 1 - Novice Woader
- Rank 2 - Experienced Woader
- Rank 3 - Mater Woader
Medical Skills - Must be taken in order
- First Aid 4 CP
- Field Medic 4 CP
- Surgery 4CP



Any question or comments feel free to E-Mail me at Character refs